My life in a parallel society

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Mein Leben in der Parallelgesellschaft

The zombie apocalypse has been real for a long time; except that no white samurai sword is needed to survive this Walking Dead dystopia, but a much more powerful weapon.

They are at the front of humanity; where one is certain of the pure truth or just on the way to nowhere. Posting their meal!

Generations of lowered heads.

Knifeman, Brexit, Climate. What a scandal, how dare you to say that? Racist! Populist! Do-Gooder! Left-green arsehole! Breaking News!

Introducing madness and its fat prey.

Parallel Society

From the Zombieland of depression and irrelevance to a parallel society; into the self-organization of a subcultural minority.

Joie de vivre, family, serenity. Time, balance and fresh air.

Mobile left at home, Facebook off.

Finally, the sun!

2019, Oliver Schömburg (Olliwaa)

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